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Travel Survey

We want to hear from you.   We have been cooped up and are more than ready to not only get out but get away from our everyday "new norm."  So how do we do that.  Let us do all the planning and organizing and you just let us know what you are willing and ready to do.  Complete this short survey and we will respond with travel packages that are built on your needs and wants now that the dust has settled and we are wanting to explore!

Safety When Traveling

  1. Travel Destination - Exposure to the public means that risk is possible, but destination to lower impacted areas will help lower the risk.
  2. Method of Transportation - Not all types of travel are equal.
  3. Where You Stay - What feels best right now?  From camping in the woods to staying in a big city hotel. 
  4. Tour leader - Someone being available for monitoring your safety, especially now.  Several hotels are implementing risk-reduction protocols.
  5. What to Do for Fun - There are a lot of fun things to do that allow us to keep safe distance between us.
  6. Implement Safety Strategies - Practicing good health sense while traveling is double for us all.  (mask, face/hand sanitizer, distance)

Benefits of Traveling in a Tour Group

  1. Someone to show you the way to get the best from your destination.
  2. You instantly grow your friend circle because you are traveling with others that have some common interests.
  3. Research was put together to form the best itinerary for your destination.
  4. Tour leader being available for monitoring your safety, especially now.
  5. The travel headaches and leg work is handled for you, making it more about the fun and relaxation for you!
  6. Reassurance for your family back home that others are with you for safety and companionship.
  7. Traveling as a group offers cost-savings that are organized for your benefit.
  8. Traveling in a group offers access to areas and locations you normally would not be privy to on your own.
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